A Shout Out to those that helped along the way…

Hello World,

A good first line for my first post. I have many times thought I should put something down on my web page, but what? What could I possibly have to say? Then it occurred to me that this is much like when I first decided to hit the publish button for my first novel -The Broken Gate. What if no one read it? Worse what if no one liked it? Well, somehow I worked up the courage to hit the publish button. So now on to my first blog.
I have decided to talk about my journey to that pushing of the publish button. More focused – to the many that helped push that along. First like many aspiring writers I learned that self-publishing could make my dream come true. So I started my research.

I must say there is a tonne of information out there and most of it quite overwhelming. Information on writing, editing, covers, blurb, marketing, mailing lists, where to publish, whether to go print…. The list is endless.
So the first thing I did was try to find a cover. One and all seemed to agree that a good cover is very important.

I found this awesome site SelfPubBookCovers. Since I really didn’t have anything in mind I started browsing and stumbled across the image to the left. Of course, it didn’t have the title or my name on it but it did have some lovely placeholders. I sat up in my chair. This was it. This image spoke to me. So I promptly bought it.

I received a thank you from the artist Mystic on my purchase and some suggestion on font style and layout. You can see more of her work here.

Next, I started the long process of figuring out what this self-publishing was all about. I stumbled across several websites that continue to be of huge help.

The Creative Penn – awesome resource for all things
Diane Tibert – a great site for Canadain authors
Goodreads – a good site for readers as well as authors

In my next post, I will talk about the single most important thing that helped me publish my first book.